Lindsay Thomas, or Emily Expo as many of us know her, is ramping up for the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo after Calgary’s own Expo came to a close on April 28. As an event organizer, host, blogger and all-around face of the Expo, Thomas has become a prominent figure in local pop-culture.

But she wasn’t always shaking hands with the likes of Nathan Fillion and Peter Dinklage. Before Lindsay was discovered, she was a budding journalism graduate that couldn’t find a job that would pay her with anything more than “exposure.”

Freq: Tell us a little about what you did before the Expo, what do you like to write about?

LT/EE: Well, I got to hang out with Mötley Crüe for a bit so there are some pretty cool early Lindsay stories from that world as a journalist. I feel like writing about pop culture and social commentary — things that I observe and whatnot. It’s a really interesting perspective in pop culture to see what the fans think and different things that people are passionate about. There’s a lot of fodder there for thought.

Freq: You’re a self-professed nerd, but how nerdy are you for real?

LT/EE: I would say I’m super nerdy! I was bullied a lot in elementary school because I loved Star Trek. I still go to see all the marvel movies coming out and there will definitely be multiple trips to Star Trek Into Darkness. But the whole idea of being a nerd has grown to mean being passionate about something as opposed to having thick-rimmed glasses and the pants hiked too high. It’s not Steve Urkel anymore; it’s Gordon Ramsay being passionate about cooking, people being passionate about art, or rock climbing or whatever it is that’s what you’re a nerd about.

Freq: There was a bit of a kerfuffle with the fire code stuff at last year’s show How did you guys improve this year?

LT/EE: We care a great deal about the safety and comfort of fans and I think that’s hard them to see when they’re standing in line for two hours, but the truth of the matter is that the lines are structured to keep everybody safe and secure. We put our best foot forward this year and hired a full time operations guy. I feel like as long as we keep safety a priority people will keep coming to promote the show.

Freq: For anyone who missed anything at Calgary’s, do you have hints about the upcoming Edmonton’s Comic and Entertainment Expo?

LT/EE: It’s still top secret and we’ll be announcing it later this summer, but there will be guests that are familiar to the Calgary fans and there will be some that are completely new. We try to keep it fresh but at the same time we bring people that we know the fans will love. I’m confident that our Edmonton line-up will be really strong and people will love it.

Freq: Any tips for people who want to be where you are? Hosting, organizing, meeting amazing people all the time…

LT/EE: You know what? It’s sounds like such an after-school special but keep trying being persistent and hone your craft. It was only through a lot of persistence, perseverance, networking and making sure I was putting myself out there and producing the best quality work I could that I was discovered. It wasn’t luck.


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