Calgary Journal – Front of Book

Front of Book is an editorial position in the Calgary Journal masthead. Though most magazines have a Front of Book or index section, the Calgary Journal was lacking interesting content for these pages. When I began as Front of Book editor, I was given two extra pages then previous, making my page count three instead of the typical one. I created most of the content for these pages myself: I took photos, researched and wrote stories, re-designed the pages and created interesting graphics and graphic elements to liven up the pages. See the before image here.


February 2014 was the roll out of the new Front of Book design. As an editor, I created most of the content, including text, images, graphics and design. Read the full February issue

MARCH 2014

The March 2014 version of the Calgary Journal focused on consistency. I received a lot of positive, as well as constructive, feedback on the first design and continued to produce successful content. Read the full March issue

APRIL 2014

The April 2014 issue had a focus on Alison Redford’s resignation and secondary suites, to Front of Book tried to reflect that. Read the full April  issue

MAY 2014

Coming soon!

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