Everyone has a story.

First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. I investigate, build and share stories in any form, whether through journalism, photography, blogging, marketing, advertising, web development or graphic design.


As a trained journalist, I have a deep-seated respect for the power of the story. People connect, share and understand one another through storytelling and shared experiences. As a trained journalist, I have developed the skills to move, motivate, exhilarate, enrage and enlighten audiences in an entertaining and informative way. Every community, every audience and every person has a story to share.

As the step-sibling to journalism, communications takes the power of storytelling and engagement to accomplish a shared goal. This important step allows audiences and larger groups — like corporations, organizations and non-profits — to connect on shared values and motivate one another to achieve great things.

This skill is simply getting stories and narratives in front of the people who need them and value them the most. Marketing takes the information we know about the audiences we want to reach them clearer and stronger than ever before.

Graphic Design
The stories we are are only as powerful as the way in which we share them. Beautiful prose are only as effective as the paper on which they are printed. But aesthetics aren’t the only hallmark of this essential element of a story; graphic design also shows audiences what to pay attention to the important elements and facts of a story. It allows audiences to engage on a visual level, as well as a literary one.


I have a degree in Communications in Journalism and a certificate in International Communications from Mount Royal University. Complementing my education, I have extensive news, feature writing, communications and graphic design experience.

You can see my work published in the Calgary Herald, Huffington Post Alberta, BeatRoute Magazine, Canada.com, FREQ Magazine, Calgary Journal, Profiles West and blogs around Calgary.